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We offer titanium rod and round bar from 0.125″ diameter up to 14″ diameter, and other dimensions on requests.

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PM International Suppliers, LLC 601 Mid-Florida Drive Lakeland, Florida 33813, USA Phone +1 863.644.6300 Tollfree USA +1 877.717.6300 Fax +1 863.644.0023 Email info@pmfirst.com

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PM International Suppliers, LLC 3500 South Richey, Suite 100 Houston, Texas 77017 Phone Read more

Titanium Round Bar

Titanium Round Bar / Billet

  • Round Bar / Billet in Titanium Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 5, Grade 7, Grade 9 & Grade 12.
  • Available forms include round, square and rectangular bar.
  • We deliver Titanium Rod and Round Bar from 0.125” Diameter up to 14” Diameter.

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From titanium pipe & tubing to fasteners, we specialize in industrial titanium products.
Saving you
Someties the best solutions are also the cheapest! We make sure our customers get the best possible value.
Experts in dealing with complex shipping & delivery schedules, our logistical skills are next to none.
With worldwide sources, we offer multiple options for your titanium requirements.